1. Recall that you are in the presence of God (John 15)

2. Look at your day with gratitude and give thanks to God for the big and small things of your life

3. Ask for help from the Holy Spirit to help you look at your actions and attitudes. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand the motivation of your heart

4. Review your day. Notice the details, the context and how you acted. The following questions might be helpful:

▪ When did I fail today and why?

▪ When did I give love today?

▪ Where did I receive love today?

▪ What habits and life patterns do I notice in my day?

▪ In what ways did I notice God in my day?

▪ When did I feel most alive? Most drained of life?

▪ When did I have the greatest sense of belonging? The least sense of belonging?

▪ When was I most free? Least free?

▪ When was I most creative? Least creative?

▪ When did I feel most fully myself? Least myself?

▪ When did I feel most whole? Most fragmented?

5. Reconcile and resolve – talk with Jesus about your day. You may feel led to seek forgiveness, ask for direction, share a concern, express gratitude etc.

Source: Carson Pue, ‘Mentoring Leaders’