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10 Things You Won’t Find in a Church That Attracts Millennials


In recent years the ancient Christian practice of spiritual direction has become increasingly popular, as more and more people from every part of the Church seek to know God more deeply. Terms such as ‘mentoring’ and ‘soul’ or ‘spiritual’ friendship

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Cliff College – Moorlands College – (to be updated)

I would like to invite you to join myself and others who are interested in Spiritual Mentoring (or if you prefer, Spiritual Direction) for a short 48 hour gathering which will be held this year at The Hayes Conference Centre

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We made this video to promote our Mentor Advance Conference. See full conference details here.

Mentoring Advance-crop

We are offering a one day training conference for mentors this autumn. Mentor Advance promotes the continuing professional development and character forming of the many trained spiritual mentors. The overall aim is to invest in mentors through empowerment, ongoing practical and

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